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Critical burst mitigation

Remote battery powered actuators can be deployed to provide automatic shut off based on sensor data or by instruction from centralised control centre - reduce water loss

Automated draw off/Syphon

Actuators can be placed on draw off/Syphon points linked to a level sensor ensuring optimised water collection in line with environmental requirements 

Flood defence 

Automation of flood mitigation assets (penstocks and tilting weirs) divert water from control centre in response to flooding or flood warnings 

Automated rezoning

Actuators can be placed in optimum positions to enable automated rezoning in the result of loss of an asset (reservoir or pumping station)  or a burst  

Hard to access valves 

If a valve is in a carriageway or a location which is difficult to access a remote battery powered actuator can be installed enabling remote operation of the asset.

Aqueduct control 

One 3S actuator can replace a standard 400V actuator, Backup battery supply and associated civil works. Significant cost savings can be realised with this approach 

Active DMA's

Actuators can be programmed to rezone DMA's or to provide day/night DMA pressures (in conjunction with needle valves) at a specific time each day 

Critical asset operation 

When response time is a key concern automating valves means control is available within minutes rather than waiting for operatives to travel to the asset

Remote sites with 230V power 

Many reservoir and remote sites have 230V power but no 400V power making traditional actuation very costly. 3S actuators can run from a rechargeable battery which can trickle charge from a 230V supply making actuation easy 

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