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3S x-active Technology

SCADA integration for remote management via telemetric units

Rechargeable Battery Pack

No external power supply / no recharging for approx. 12-18 months

500 D 2.0 with Battery on support plate SBK.jpg
Statics pic_edited.jpg

System Berliner Kappe‘®

In-soil installation without the need for manholes

Powerful Actuator

For buried valves with a peak torque of 1,500 Nm

3S Multi-Turn Actuators


The 3S multi-turn actuators have been constructed particularly for butterfly and ball valves with gears as well as for gate valves. The actuators are waterproof and installed directly into the ground beneath a standard street cap or a manhole cover by utilizing the patented 3S earth placement or alternatively flanged directly onto the valve according to EN ISO 5210. The valve can still be operated manually via a standard square-end on top of the actuator. 

In any case, manhole or underground construction is not necessary. This makes retroactive automation of buried valves economically feasible. 

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